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Fishing Net Bracelet

Fishing Net Bracelet

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This handmade bracelet is made from found fishing nets, washed up on the North Devon coastline. Our local beach has a clean up and litter pick group, wherby we regularly pick and clear rubbish and flotsam that washes up on the shore, with a large part being fishing nets, and many small pieces of net, in a variety of colours.

Inspired by something I saw online I decided to upcycle them into bracelets - fishnetlets if you will! - and before I knew it friends, and then friends of friends were asking me for them!

They come in two sizes roughly, 17cm for ladies/children, and 21cm for men and this measurement is the entire length of the bracelet 

These have great character and each one is unique, displaying wear and some discolouration from it's hard worked life. The net lines are thoroughly soaked and cleaned, and each bracelet has a stainless steel bayonet clasp.

The colours vary and all depend on what has washed up recently, with each run being very limited, so you may only be able to order one or two per colour/size.

These are freepost and come with minimal packaging, which I think is in the spirit of the upcycle, and a percentage of each sale will be donated to the Combe Martin Beach Clean Group

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