'Vinyl collector and DJ of Balearic vibes, feelgood sounds and funky beats. Lover of disco, house, electro, funk, soul, breakbeats, jazz, boogie, broken beat, chill, deep vibes, progressive, techno, drum & bass and more. Rather partial to edits and eclecticism!'


My forte is the Balearic sound, which takes in the best of several genres, and is quite eclectic, but accessible, with anything from serene sunset sounds through to more up tempo sounds, all depending on the event, time slot, reading of the crowd, and of course the organiser's requirements.


To elaborate on the 'Balearic sound', it may be that you're here having heard me live, or one of my recordings, but it takes in everything from reggae, to soul, funk, deep house, lounge, electronic, chill out, dub, classical, soft rock, and more. A very accessible sound with something for everyone, often with new or alternative versions of songs that are lesser known or have recently been 'dug' by collectors.

I also play sets of upfront sounds and club classics, as well as occasional guest slots playing techno, or vintage drum & bass, but I do tend to avoid mainstream, and heavily commercial sounds, and I'm not a wedding type DJ whereby patrons can fire requests all night, as in all honesty the chances are I wouldn't have them.


Rates are dependent on set length, travel time, and any equipment needed, but I am very reasonable for the experience and unique musical selection that I can bring to your event.

Generally, set lengths are anywhere from one to six hours, although personally I think a better account of my selections needs at least two to three hours.

I have experience working in and around many types of events and set ups, often taking events from a mellow or laid back introduction building up through genres and tempos to whatever level of heat you're looking for!


I can turn up and play on pre-installed equipment or can bring my own Pioneer XDJ-XZ console to plug into your sound system. Good quality monitors are appreciated and are an essential DJ tool to perform with. I also have my own good quality sound system that I use for small, private events, and regularly use on the beach, having a good warmth of sound and reach.


Pop me a message to find out more or to discuss your needs, and feel free to visit my Mixcloud page to listen through different types of sets.


 For bookings, please email or use the contact form