North Devon Balearic Society


When I first moved to North Devon the eclectic selectors were spread far and wide, and I wanted to to create an umbrella to pull the Balearic DJs together!

For the first two years I ran all day events through the summer, at the Dolphin Inn, having some fantastic guests join me, including Al Luckett, Nick Shearer, Rick Tozer, Henry Allison and more. I also put on regular live streams from the 'Record Room' on Mixcloud live, featuring some of the above as well as local DJs and selectors such as Matt Anderson, Justin 'van' Hessing, Mick Sologist, Matt Greasley, and others.

Time has been on the short side recently but I plan to use the society for more adventures in the future..... 


We aim to provide the Balearic sounds and beach flavours, with the sublime views of the North Devon coast, where the sun sets over the sea.

Warming up through the afternoons with mellow chilled tunes, slowly upping the tempo and the temperatures into the evening...


Expect a cross section of sounds from Dub, Chillout, Soul, Reggae, Disco edits, Electro, Boogie, Street Soul, New Wave, Synthwave, Jazz, World, Trip Hop, Folk, Bossa, Jazz, Prog Rock, Trip Hop, Dub Techno and many more, all glued together to create a blissful Balearic vibe!

To get involved in the collective please email