Discogs – Is it Balearic?


Apparently, it is now!

After many years of Balearic being solely classed by Discogs as ‘A feeling’ – which of course it is – they’ve finally caved to the fact that it is also a style that can be applied to certain songs within a genre.

The most common question I, and I’m sure many of my fellow DJs of the Balearic persusasion get asked is ‘What do you play?’

Cue list of genres and tracks within containing a certain je ne sais quoi!

Discogs has now opened this question to the listening – and database contributing – public.

As yet the style is only about 400 releases deep, of course there are many more, so if you’re a collector/aficionado/enthusiast/historian and you want to help classify the Balearic sound all you need to do is get yourself over to Discogs.com and sign up (Free), then find a Balearic release not yet classed as such, click ‘Edit Release’, scroll down to the style option, add Balearic, and a reason for such (e.g ‘This is well Balearic!’) and click submit, then confirm.

Maybe in a couple of years time I can just print out cards with discogs.com/style/balearic on and I’m golden 😉

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