Balearic Re-brands

Back in the day I was a huge fan of those acid house re-brands that popped up at raves, on market stalls, and record shops. One in particular that stuck in my head was a version of the 7up logo cleverly tweaked - pre-photoshop days - to read Trip!

I had one of my own that I cajooled my mum into purchasing for me from a market stall in South London, that had the Holsten Pils logo on the front but tweaked to say High on Pils - brilliant!

So being a Photoshopper of the 'lite' variety I embarked upon a series of what I've called Balearic re-brands, and most came out very well, gaining some traction on Insta, and of course you can see on this site that a few I actually made into tees.

Some are obvious, some not as much, so which ones do you recognise ;-)


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